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The company Brändle

Sortiment BrändleAs a company with a long tradition, we have been dedicated to the production of high-quality edible oils for five generations. In 1982, Pius Brändle pioneered the market launch of German rapeseed oil. Even today, only carefully selected rapeseed and sunflower seeds are used in our oil mill. After peeling, only the oil-containing kernels are processed by cold pressing. The cool storage of the oil results in a high-quality oil with a golden yellow colour and the generic seedy nutty aroma.

Our complete assortment includes 30 types of oil, which are filled in 100 ml-750 ml glass bottles. We also offer large containers of 2.5l-10l for bulk consumers and large containers of 215l-1,000l for the processing industry. Food safety and quality are very close to our hearts. We therefore attach great importance to complete transparency in production, from the seed to the bottle. Certifications such as "International Food Standard" and "EU-Eco-regulation" are therefore a matter of course for us. In order to be able to guarantee the accustomed Brändle quality also in the future, we constantly invest in new technologies and plants. We can therefore continue to support the trend towards healthy nutrition and remain one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality edible oils in Germany.